Episode 117: News Show

Thursday, December 08, 2011

This episode is now a week late, thanks to a wonderful (not) thanksgiving gift of a nasty hack, but as they say, better late than never. On the bright side, we're only a a few days away from another new show! This time around, Shannon and I chat about some news that have been making headlines the last few weeks.

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Episode 118: "Breaking Dawn Part 1" Fan Reactions

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm all nervous because it seems every time I post a comment, the site crashes. I swear it's not my fault!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you all what I thought of Breaking Dawn (pert 1). First of all, I was at the midnight show with my daughter and 3 of her friends (one of which was male). That wasn't what I planned - one of her friends couldn't make it - bonus for me :). Anyway, both my daughter and I had pretty low expectations. I wasn't particularly excited about the wedding stuff, not being much of a fancy dress person, but it was really spectacular - especially the whole Midsummer Night's Dream vibe. There was so much humor in this section (and throughout really)from the extreme high heeled shoes to the Cullens' carrying trees for the path. Later I thought all this stuff was seen through Bella's eyes - the things SHE would think were funny or ridiculous and I realized that had been missing from the past movies. It wasn't as if BD is a better made film than Eclipse (for example), but Bella's voice has been missing for a while and this movie brought it back. In your podcast, you mentioned many of my favorite moments already. I loved the wedding toast scene, the leg shaving scene, anything with Charlie, Alice's wardrobe, all the honeymoon stuff, how the movie turns into Gothic horror with the pregnancy and birth, and finally what we saw of Bella's transformation. I particularly liked the contrast between what Bella was experiencing(the burning venom and her screaming in pain)and what everyone else saw (Bella lying still as if dead).

I even liked everything with the wolves...with a few exceptions. The alpha to alpha talk was silly. I don't think having that conversation in human form would have helped because the bowing down was a powerful idea, I just don't think it worked as is. Maybe the voice enhancement was the problem - not sure. I did like the other wolf voices talking over each other. You experienced how they shared information, but how noisy and chaotic that would be. I also thought the wolves looked good. In the previous films there always seemed to be a problem with the Sam wolf - possibly due to the black fur - which they seemed to have solved. Finally, Renesmee. Thank goodness they found a way to put that idea on film and NOT be creepy. It was actually sweet.

You guys had posed a few questions about book to film stuff which I wanted to address; hopefully you haven't already had a million e-mails... ;)

The nightmare white wedding was not in the book as such, BUT Bella did have a nightmare about the "immortal child" stories told to her. She dreamed of a beautiful boy child (who resembled Edward)and a pile of bodies including her friends and family.

The three day transformation from human to vampire is definitely in the book (maybe all three prior books)and so is the scene where Edward bites Bella on her arms and legs to hasten the spread of the venom.

I think that might be all - there are some things about Bella's bruising, but I'll write an e-mail later on that.

So glad I went to the movie and didn't wait as I had planned to!


Anonymous said...

I sent an e-mail, but I forgot to say what I thought of the movie.

I liked this one the best. I think it's because of all the movies, Bella had the most say in decisions involving herself.

I really enjoyed the last episode. Keep it up!!!

-Crystal F

Katrina said...

Hey guys - I really do love your podcast but you know what? You both need to re-read the books - it's time. You are both stumbling over pretty basic things from the books and i think that a re-read would do wonders. I love listening to you both but you are frustrating me right now LOL!!

Marina Antunes said...

@Wray - Thanks for the reaction! We know it's not your fault - promise!

@Crystal - thanks!

@Katrina - oh no! Oh NO! We did re-read it recently. I guess it's still not sticking. I need crib notes!