Episode 123: "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" DVD Discussion

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A week after the release of "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" on DVD, Shannon and Marina find the time to separate themselves from their TV's and the disc extras to chat about re-watching the movie and the goodies that have been included.

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Show Notes
:01 - Opening Music
:24 - Introduction

Episode 124: News Show

Music for the show provided by A Band Called Quinn. Learn more at http://www.quinnonline.net/


Lauren said...

Hey, I've just recently become a fan of your podcasts! I wasn't sure where to really leave this comment since it doesn't really to this particular podcast. However, I was wondering if you have any of your earlier podcasts available on the site anymore? I'd love to listen to some of the earlier ones that don't seem available on Itunes. Thanks, you all do a great job!

Lauren said...

Sorry, I just realized I hadn't listened to your last podcast all the way. You all are top notch and go in such depth with your discussions! I can't wait to start listening to the earlier episodes soon! :D

Shannon said...

Hey Lauren! Welcome to the fun and it's so exciting to have ya here! Marina is putting up older episodes and you can see them under "The Archive": http://beforethedawnpodcast.blogspot.com/p/show-archives.html