Episode 124: News Show

Sunday, March 04, 2012

In this episode, Shannon and Marina discuss news that have been floating around the web over the last few weeks.

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Show Notes

:01 - Opening Music
:15 - Introduction

- "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" surpasses 5 million in DVD/Blu-ray sales
- "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" nominated for Razzie Awards (Video of Sandra Bullock receiving Razzie)
- "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" trailer to premiere with "Hunger Games"
- Twilight Examiner creates wish list for upcoming "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" trailer
- "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" fan made poster (see below)
- "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" Target preview clip (see below)
- Second annual "Twilight" Academy Awards
- Twilight Examiner celebrates three year anniversary
- Forks considering installation of permanent "Twilight" Museum
- Catherine Hardwicke reveals first draft of "Twilight" script was awful (NY Magazine article)
- "New Moon: The Graphic Novel Vol. 1" may be coming in October (pre-order)
- New TV drama "Awake" premiers. Pilot directed by David Slade
- Michael Welch talks "Hansel and Gretel & the 420 Witch"
- Stephenie Meyer updates on filming of "Austenland" (check out the book)
- "The Host" update and trailer contest
- "Bel Ami" poster (see below) and image gallery
- Zap2It runs polls on TV's most crushworthy villains
- Canadian coming of age vampire drama "Rufus" currently filming
- "Hunger Games" YouTube channel
- Best Buy Canada "Hunger Games" Canadian premiere contest
- Barnes & Noble "Hunger Games" advanced screenings
- "Hunger Games" mall tours (details and RSVP)

Episode 125: The Female Gaze

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"Breaking Dawn: Part 2" Fan-made Poster

"Breaking Dawn: Part 2" Target preview clip

"Bel Ami" UK poster


Anonymous said...

Marina, you can get the hubby to go with you on a Twilight trip by promising a romantic getaway. Seriously, the resort in La Push is breathtaking and no phone, tv or cell phone reception to interfere.

Marina Antunes said...

That is great to know! We actually talked about it last year but didn't manage to find the time to get away. Maybe this year. It looks so beautiful!