Episode 139: News Show

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shannon and Marina are back from holidays and talk about Twilight news from the last few weeks.

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Episode 140: Forks Bound!


Anonymous said...

Would "Vampires Suck" Twilight parody count as an unconventional Vampire movie? Haha just kidding! One movie I did enjoy was "Daybreakers." It was a cool take on if vampires ruled the Earth basically, and has been a vampire movie I've always remembered. Of course, nothing beats the Twilight Saga, in my book!

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Those are both my comments at the top! I was the Anonymous poster! Sorry, I accidently chose anonymous instead of my blogger user.

Marina Antunes said...

No worries Lauren. You're selection has been noted. And BTW - AWESOME pick!!