Episode 138: "Cosmopolis" Discussion

Sunday, July 01, 2012

This week Shannon and Marina delve into the dark and twisted world of David Cronenberg with the release of "Cosmopolis."

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Wray said...

I was never interested in either reading the book or seeing this movie after reading the synopsis. It seemed like it would be exactly as you described. The only thing that held my interest was Cronenberg (and Rob, of course). It seems as if everything you described was deliberate and it was about making a statement with a capital "S". Intentionally off-putting and NOT my cup of tea. Apparently, Pattinson did exactly what Cronenberg wanted as they are working together again...??

Anyway, I'm not sure I heard correctly, but if they are saying "Yuan" in the movie that would be Chinese currency (as opposed to the Japanese Yen). Who knows why they changed it - maybe they thought it was more "timely"?? Whatever.

Marina Antunes said...

Yes, apparently they're working together on another project. I only hope it turns out better :(

Lauren said...

Hey, great podcast as always! I wasn't able to see Cosmopolis, and am kind of happy I didn't. However, you all did such a good job discussing it, I didn't need to! haha. I was looking through the archive, and listening to old podcasts which got me thinking. Are you all planning on doing a Breaking Dawn Part 1 commentary? The others were great, so I'm looking forward to the next one if you do it! Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work and fun on your shows, they always make my day!

Marina Antunes said...

Thanks for the comment Lauren! We love doing the commentaries and will definitely have to add BDPT1 to our list of upcoming shows!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the possible explanation of the currency Wray - that sounds like what they might have been going for although it was different from the book and certainly not given any context here. And as Marina mentioned Cronenberg liked working with Pattinson and is definitely planning on doing so again.

Thanks for the Breaking Dawn Part I commentary request/reminder Lauren! We are certainly looking forward to doing one :)