Episode 142: Unconventional Vampire Movies

Monday, August 27, 2012

To celebrate the DVD and VOD release of "Midnight Son," Shannon and Marina reveal their list of favourite unconventional vampire movies.

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Episode 143: News Show


Lauren said...

Wow, you all such great recommendations! I have a feeling I will be watching numerous vampire movies from your list this month. I immediately looked up the trailer for "Blood and Donuts" right after it was mentioned haha, it looks hilarious! Thank you so much for picking me the winner of the contest! I haven't seen Midnight Son yet, but I have been wanting too! I think tonight I will re-watch Daybreakers before hunting down anymore movies. You all made me really want to watch it again! Thanks, and great podcast with so many nice recommendations!

Marina Antunes said...

Blood and Donuts is one that's still on my watch list too so I'll have to rectify that sonner rather than later!

Happy watching Lauren!