Episode 150: "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" Dicussion

Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's here! Shannon and Marina get out to see "Breaking Dawn: Part 2!" Did we love it? Listen in to find out and don't forget to let us know what you thought!

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Crys F said...

In no particular order:

-I'm pretty sure Sue was hanging out with Charlie in the book.
-We don't get much of Leah's character in the book. So it's hard to tell if she was starting to accept the Cullens. But I thought the sequence worked in the movie.
-I'm pretty sure the narration concerning the growing pack is taken almost verbatim from the book.
-Since this is the first time we see Alec's powers, I think the smoke made a useful visual effect.
-The fight didn't feel cheated. And as an alternate universe, it actually did occur. (Think Fringe (and I'd rather not).)

-I put my popcorn down, otherwise I may have thrown it when I saw Aro rip off Carlisle's head.
-Was vastly entertained. I'd be interested to see how it would read if Stephenie rewrote the book using the screenplay.
-Absolutely loved the cinematography.
-Loved the fight scene. The book builds up to it, then leaves it hanging. This way we get both the fight, and the happy "Forever".
-The cottage made me think almost of an old English cottage à la Jane Austen.
-Like Alice's vision of Renesmee and Jacob. For me it shows the future and closes the chapter without need for a sequel.

I remember Silver Lining Playbook (interesting)
Now You See Me (heh)
Oz, The Great and Powerful (potential)
Warm Bodies (could be interestin)

I really enjoy the show and am glad you're going to keep doing it!!!