Episode 140: Forks Bound!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Shannon and Marina talks about Marina's trip to Forks and muse on the current state of the fandom.

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Episode 141: News Show


Lauren said...

Haha thanks so much for mentioning my comment about the Breaking Dawn Commentary, you all are by far the best Twilight podcast! Many others I've listened to have just left or done away with Twilight, but you all really show what genuine fans you are and I know myself, and many others truly do appreciate it! And sorry in advance, my story may be a bit long.

I am so excited to answer this question for your contest, I couldn't wait to tell you all! So, here's how I knew I was a Twi-hard:

I was in the 6th grade, and yes, that was way back in early 2006! Beginning the first book, and having to wait each year for the next was really difficult, but so worth it! I've truly grown up with this series. Anyway, my friend had picked it up at the local Borders (before it was bought out by B&N) and told me it was amazing and I had to read it, and was originally interested from the cover art. I agreed to try it out, and she brought it too me at a sport's practice one day and I began reading that night...and I could not stop. I was so enthralled with the world, and everything about it. It took me two days to read it originally ( I can now read much faster haha) , and the last day I remember I was kind of sick so I stayed home from school. I finished it that morning, and distinctly remember when I closed the book knowing that I was a goner. I had read many books before but never have I been as involved with anything more than Twilight. Ever since then, I went to the book midnight releases, listened to multiple podcasts, kept up with fansites and have just indulged in about everything Twilight. Although the only real merchandise I have purchased has been the posters, books, and a shirt, I am about as die hard as they get in my mind. College budgets don't exactly lend to me spending a bunch of money on merchandise! I am so jealous of Marina for going to Forks by the way! That has always been a dream for me to go there, and thanks for all the detail in telling me about it! Hopefully, I will make it there one day and be able to see La Push as well, and then give you some details about it :D. I guess that's my story. Twilight was my very first fandom and I believe I will always love it. This contest was able to make me think about all the good people I have met, and things I have encountered through the fandom and I couldn't be happier with where Twilight has brought me!

Lauren said...

Oh and of course I have the movies and soundtracks haha!

Lauren said...

Oh hey, I just wanted to mention my most recent "super-fan" moment. I just now got my hands on a first edition first print of Twilight :D. I am so excited! Now if only I could get Stephenie's signature, my life would just be perfect haha!

Katrina said...

I knew I was a die-hard fan when, 2 years ago, I planned out family vacation from Ontario to BC around going down to Forks for a few days. We stayed in the Cullen house B&B and I went on the tour. I bought a Bella bracelet and t-shirts. I think I was there at the height of the hype and everything was Twilight. We did hike the Ho Rainforest and went to all of the beaches. My husband and kids were really great about it and went along with everything for me :-D